Congratulations to New 2020 Editorial Board Members!

We warmly congratulate Souvik Chatterjee (Associate Editor), Dylan Glickel (Treasurer), Kavi Patel (Associate Editor), and Roger Tejada (General Secretary) for joining the 2020 Editorial Board. We hope that your time at CPPR will be invaluable as you study, analyze, and engage with public policy in SIPA and beyond. Please read below to learn more about Souvik, Dylan, Kavi, and Roger!

Souvik Chatterjee, Associate Editor:

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My name is Souvik Chatterjee and I am a 2nd year MPA student at SIPA with a concentration in International Finance and Economic Policy. I am excited to be a part of CPPR and to read other students’ reactions to current events and potential policy solutions. Often, students bring a different perspective to the table and it’s important to have a place where their voices can be heard while also giving them an opportunity to get published. I hope to get out of my time at SIPA the ability to analyze policies both past and present, understand how to read financial documents and financial news, and to connect with students and professors from around the world. One fun fact about myself is that I used to live in Arkansas for 5 years before moving to Long Island. 

Dylan Glickel, Treasurer:

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My name is Dylan Glickel, and I am in my second year of the Executive MPA program at SIPA, concentrating in Management and Innovation. What excites me about CPPR is how we are providing an outlet for students to publish their work that focuses on current policy challenges. During my time at SIPA, I hope to gain the essential knowledge, skills, and connections that will allow me to make a positive impact in the world and to further my career. My fun fact is that I like to sing. 🙂

Kavi Patel, Associate Editor

Kavi Patel is a first-year student in the Master of International Affairs program, concentrating in International Finance and Economic Policy with a specialization in Management. She is excited to work with the rest of the Board and edit pieces that are at the intersection of policy, economics, and business. She has previously been published in the Columbia Political Review, the Harvard Kennedy School Review, and the Harvard Political Review so she looks forward to experiencing the other end of the editing process. She loves animals and the highlight of her fall semester has been fostering dogs. 

Roger Tejada, General Secretary:

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Roger Antonio Tejada is a 2nd year JD-MPA candidate at Columbia Law School and SIPA. At SIPA he is concentrating on Urban and Social Policy and specializing in Management. He is extremely excited to serve as an Editor and General Secretary of the Columbia Public Policy Review because it allows him to help coordinate and polish interesting scholarship that pushes our thinking and makes us all more well-rounded policymakers and analysts. Roger hopes that his time at SIPA will reinforce his economic and policy analysis skills, ultimately making him the best advocate for ending our country’s inequities. When he is not thinking or talking about issues at the intersection of law and policy, Roger can be found hiking, kayaking, or trying to earn his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.