2020 CPPR Journal

This year’s journal, The Democracy Issue: …And Justice for All, showcases a thoughtful selection of nine pieces that touch on the current role of public policy in shaping democracy, justice, and the interaction between the two. Authors explore topics ranging from the unequal policy implications of the CARES Act, sedition laws in India, and NATO’s inaction around climate change to the potential pitfalls of facial recognition technology, artificial intelligence, and the gig economy. All of these pieces illustrate the need to think more critically about the inequitable effect of public policy on various communities or subgroups, and how to create a more just society going forward. We hope you will enjoy reading these exemplary works.

Read the journal here: http://www.columbiapublicpolicyreview.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/CPPR-2020-Journal.pdf