Submission Guidelines

Call for Submissions

The Columbia Public Policy Review (CPPR) offers analysis and critical insight on today’s most pressing policy challenges; we aim to be an outlet for thoughtful and provocative pieces on current events and contentious issues.

CPPR is always seeking work from students and experts who can distill complex information on policy into insightful and engaging posts. Original posts, as well as previously-written work for Columbia University courses, are welcome.

How to Submit

Please fill out this form or e-mail your submission to


  • Content: We are open to, and publish, a range of content styles including interviews with experts, opinion pieces, book reviews, and analytical essays. 
  • Target audience: The style is generally academic and readable by any educated layperson.
  • Length: Submissions for the blog will be edited to approximately 500-2000 words in length; print journal pieces generally fall in the same range.
  • Citation style: Please cite in the Chicago Manual of Style, with Author Date citations, and link to a reliable source for prominent facts or figures.

All submissions are subject to edits by the CPPR Board. Please contact with any further questions or comments.