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Have a talent for distilling complex information on domestic policy and policy-related issues into insightful, pithy, and engaging blog posts? The newly-formed Columbia Public Policy Review is seeking work from authors like you! Both new posts and previously-written work for past Columbia University courses that can be converted into blog post format are welcome. Writers whose work has been scheduled for publication will receive editorial support from the CPPR team.

How to Submit:

E-mail your document to cppr@columbia.edu or submit it via the form below.

Suggested Content Types:

– Briefing memos, policy proposals
– Op-Eds, editorials, and perspective pieces
– Policy analyses and assessments
– Interviews
– Issue explainers
– Reviews (of books, documentaries, other media)
– Other media (photo journalism, podcasts)


Length: Submissions for the blog will be edited to approximately 750-1000 words in length.

Citations: Please cite/link to a reliable source for prominent facts or figures.

Format: Microsoft Word

Please contact cppr@columbia.edu with any further questions or comments.

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