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New York Excelsior Scholarship: Last Dollar Program Ignores Real Burdens

As a former History student at Brooklyn College, and longtime free-tuition advocate, Bernie Sanders was the ideal political champion for Andrew Cuomo’s Excelsior Scholarship. At one rally, Sanders expressed, “What Governor Cuomo is proposing is a revolutionary idea for higher Read More

New York City vs. Sugar

Sugar © Martyn4 (flickr.com/photos/martyn404)

According to a 2012 report, obesity is, “the leading cause of preventable death—second only to tobacco” in New York City. The vast majority of city dwellers (3.5 million people—or 58% of adults) are overweight or obese, pushing obesity and obesity-related conditions to “epidemic” proportions. Creating a healthier New York is clearly a public health priority, so why have efforts to address this devastating—and preventable—cause of death been so unsuccessful?