Month: May 2015

New York City vs. Sugar

According to a 2012 report, obesity is, “the leading cause of preventable death—second only to tobacco” in New York City. The vast majority of city dwellers (3.5 million people—or 58% of adults) are overweight or obese, pushing obesity and obesity-related conditions to “epidemic” proportions. Creating a healthier New York is clearly a public health priority, so why have efforts to address this devastating—and preventable—cause of death been so unsuccessful?

Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, and The Unanswered Ramblings of a Millennial

Apparently Marco Rubio is not the only person who believes he can beat Hillary Clinton in a Presidential run. A slew of political operatives behind the curtain believe that by the power of sheer youth, oratory skills, an attractive family, and his appeal to Latino voters, the 43-year-old Rubio could ride his rhetoric to the White House.